Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dive Photos of Anilao and Coron

Diving Anilao never ceases to surprise me. It always has a great photographic potential. Some of the best underwater photos I've ever taken were in Anilao. The coral reefs are healthy and bursting with marine life. I never tire of diving here. It's a no-fail dive. Each time you go underwater, its guaranteed that you'll see many interesting things.

I've had friends who didn't care for Coron, and I understand why. It's an entirely different landscape. Instead of coral reefs, you have underwater granite formations, a thermocline dive site and deep wreck diving. It's not for everyone. However, when you look close enough, you'll discover the macro world of Coron. There were many exotic nudibranch species that I've never encountered before. So don't swipe Coron out of your diving itinerary until you've tried it. Be open and see for yourself.

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