Monday, May 31, 2010

2-Year Old Baby Smokes 40-45 Sticks a Day!

My friend Vangie posted this link on FB. When I saw it, my initial reaction was amazement. I couldn't believe a two-year old kid could smoke like a pro! 2 years old! That baby looked adorable and entertaining on the video. But its been reported that he throws temper tantrums, hits his head on the floorboards and cries unceasingly until he gets his fix. And get was his father who taught him how to smoke! Now he complains that he spends $7/day to feed his son's addiction. I'm quite disturbed by this. I have a 3 year-old nephew, I look at him, and all I see is playful curiosity. I'm shocked that this goes on. I mean...where are the parent's common sense? the video. Let me know what you think.

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