Monday, September 6, 2010

What Every Woman Should Do Once

I bought this book on the ferry's gift shop from Vancouver to Nanaimo last year. The ferry ride was about 2 hours. As I browsed the gift shop, I came upon this little book and thought it was cute. Then I came home and forgot I even had it. As I was reorganizing my room, I came upon it again. And as I flipped through the pages, I realized I've done many of the things listed. So I thought I'd share it with you.

What Every Woman Should Do Once:
  1. Skinny Dip - check
  2. Insist on being called "Your Majesty" - check
  3. Sleep under the stars - check
  4. Start with dessert - check
  5. Be a Diva for a night at a Karaoke Bar - working on it
  6. Act out a page of the Kama Sutra - check
  7. Call in Sick and spend the whole day shopping with your best friend - check
  8. Own something leather other than coat or gloves - check
  9. Date a guy you met on the internet - will try
  10. Give someone famous your autograph - working on it
  11. Write your acceptance speech for your Woman of the Year Award - working on it
  12. Dying your hair blond and see if they really have more fun - thinking about it
  13. Rent a convertible and go where the wind blows - planning on it
  14. Have an anonymous encounter - check
  15. Adopt a pet
  16. Go Commando - check
  17. Dance on top of a bar - I think I might already have, but the memories of that night are fuzzy.
  18. Forget about what your mother would think - check
  19. Try on engagement rings even when you're not in a relationship - check went to Tiffany's
  20. Ask a man out - working on it
  21. Buy a really racy piece of lingerie - LOL
  22. Invest in high risk stock.
  23. Send yourself a dozen roses.
  24. Audition for a Broadway Musical or a Reality TV Show.
  25. Go Skydiving
  26. Bet it all on black in Vegas and let it ride.
  27. Go on a carriage ride on Cetral Park.
  28. Be the Boss - check
  29. Try on really expensive clothes in a boutique you know you can't afford - check
  30. Invent an interesting past
  31. Talk in a foreign accent all day - check
  32. Write a scathing letter to the editor.
  33. Buy a round for everyone in the bar.
  34. Smoke a cigar - check
  35. Run for a worthy cause - working on it
  36. Pamper yourself at an all day spa - check
  37. Have a three martini lunch and go back to work refreshed.
  38. Create your own Holiday and celebrate it every year - working on it
  39. Go without electricity for one night - check
  40. Wear fake eyelashes and give him come hither looks - working on it
  41. Make a voodoo doll of your ex - a tempting idea
  42. Learn to Tango - on my bucket list
  43. Pretend you're a food critic at a trendy restaurant - check
  44. Make snow angels - check
  45. Blame everything on your evil twin - LOL check!
  46. Eat fast food all day - check
  47. Hire a personal shopper
  48. Wear a feather boa and movie star glasses to the grocery store.
  49. Borrow a motorcycle and take the driver' seat.
  50. Invest in a piece of art - check
  51. Flirt your way through a traffic jam.
  52. Try an extreme sport - check
  53. Taste every variety of margarita -working progress
  54. Kiss a guy from every state (US) - 6 states down.
  55. Throw a silk Pajama party and greet guests with champagne.
  56. Go in two dates in one night - check
  57. Volunteer at a homeless center - did volunteer but not at a homeless shelter
  58. Take the credit and compliments and say thanks! - check
  59. Start a campaign - check
  60. Send a thank you letter to a mentor - check
  61. Tell a man you love him first - I'm a working progress
  62. Resist saying "I told you so," even when you are right - check
  63. Head to the airport and fly anywhere.
  64. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes.
  65. Ask your boyfriend to paint your toenails in exchange for the remote.
  66. Remember the a la mode - check
67. Earn the perfect shade of red lipstick - check
To date, I have done 30 on the list and a few that are in between. I'll revisit this post next year and see if I've added to my list of accomplishments.