Monday, February 14, 2011

California Coastal Cruising

I consider California as my second home. I have family and friends here. I even worked in this beautiful state after graduation. I've been shuffling back between the Philippines and the US since I was 7. It serves as much as a home to me as Manila does. Sometimes even more so. I don't even consider going to Cali a vacation any longer. It's so familiar, that I often feel like I'm going to my other home for a change of scenery. However my recent trip to Cali felt like a vacation. And this is due to generous friends who took the time to entertain and to show me around town. (Thanks Anna, Hya, Ging and Jorgette). Whenever I go to LA, I normally stay in the downtown area. My cousins used to have a condo there, where I stayed whenever I went for a visit. It was either that or stay in Hollywood where my friends, Malou and Miles used to live. So I know the area quite well. This time I stayed at Hermosa Beach with Anna. I've been to LA countless times, and I have never driven by Hermosa Beach. So I was very excited when Anna offered to let me stay with her. And boy did we have a blast! The last time I had such a great time was in college. She drove me everywhere. I even got to see areas of LA I didn't know existed. In short, I had a great time being a tourist.

I'll let the photos do the talking. We were cruising highway 1 (California Coastal Highway - A very scenic drive that stretches from Oregon all the way to San Diego). We drove from Hermosa Beach to Pedro's Point, to Malibu and all the way up to Palos Verdes.

The view from Trump's Palos Verdes Golf Course was absolutely breathtaking. The photos I took don't come close to how gorgeous the scenery was. When we were there, we were able to enter the newly developed and highly exclusive Trump Golf Course estates. There was a new house being built by a seaside cliff overlooking an incredible view of the ocean with a private walkway that led down to the beach beneath the cliffs. While strolling the private grounds (illegally), we were blessed by a glorious sunset over the water's horizon. Moments like this make me appreciate just how blessed I'am. It shows what an awesome gift this planet is to the human race.